Top 10 Super Bowl Best Sex Positions To Spice Up Love In 2023

Do you need Super Bowl sex positions in your life? Yes, you do, because even if you don’t know or care about who’s playing (*raises hand quietly*), the Super Bowl has allllll kinds of sexual tension going on. Consider the testosterone-fueled manliness, all the bending over, and the (odd?) abundance of phrases like “penetration in the back field,” “ball handling,” and “tight end.” See what I mean? And if that doesn’t do it for you (which, fair), Rihanna is playing the halftime show.

Channel any and all “IDGAF about this game” energy into an explosive finish with these Super Bowl sex positions. “Having football-inspired ways to score with your bae is a great way to spend the evening, particularly if your team is victorious,” says sex and relationships expert for Mega Pleasure, Charlotte Johnson. “Chances are that you and your partner will both be in the mood to find a way to release some of that tension once the game is done.” All that sexual energy needs to go somewhereand that somewhere is you.

Johnson recommends making Super Bowl sex fun and celebratory by doing sexy things like going to bed in nothing but the jersey of your favorite player, but try not to have too much fun at whatever watch event you end up going to. “Be wary of drinking too many beers or eating too many greasy snacks to ensure you are at the top of your game with your partner.” (Pssst, here are some party snack recipes that are fancier than tossing a bag of chips on the coffee table.)

Huddle up and decide which of these Super Bowl sex positions you’re going to try on February 12— celebratory end zone dance optional.

1.Sex Position-The Tailback

super bowl sex positions

Bend over for the hike with some good ol’ doggy style, recommends Johnson. “This is the perfect position for those with a nice and sturdy sofa who want to watch the game, but don’t want to lose focus if their team scores,” she says. “And it’s the best position for couples wanting to multitask while the game is on.” Add a rumbly penis ring and game on.

2.Sex Position-Illegal Use of Hands

super bowl sex positions

Turn foreplay into a sexy battle of wills with some primal kink, which has a more “predator and prey” vibe than the usual Dom/sub dynamic of BDSM, says certified sex therapist Stefani Goerlich, LMSW, author of The Leather Couch: Clinical Practice with Kinky Clients. “In the same way that the teams on the field scrimmage and tackle, gain yards and lose them, you can wrestle and run, pin down or wriggle free, or hunt and escape.” If you catch your prey (or they catch you), claim the prize with a collar and leash.

3. Sex Position-The Quarterback Sex Position

If you don’t want to miss even a second of the game, you don’t even have to leave the couch for this position. One person sits on the couch, the other hops on their lap. “The person doing the riding can either get on top and face the TV too, or position a mirror behind the couch to enjoy a full view of the TV in its reflection. No matter which direction you’re facing, this position allows both teams to catch the game and revel in sexual pleasure at the same time,” says queer sex educator Sarah Riccio, co-founder of Delicto. If you’re a super fan, use extra quiet toys so you don’t miss a single play.

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4.Sex Position-The Huddle

super bowl sex positions

Looking for an athletic challenge of your own? “Get deep into strategy talks with this intimate, face-to-face position,” says Ruby Payne, dominatrix and sex expert at adult toy retailer Uber inky. “Both partners sit with their legs bent and their feet flat on the floor facing one another. Lean back on your hands or forearms and thrust together.”

5.Sex Position-The Wide Open

super bowl sex positions

“I recommend the Wide Open for couples who enjoy penetration, whether with a penis or a strap-on,” says sex and relationships therapist David F. Khalili, LMFT. It’s a spooning position where the little spoon lifts their top leg up and bends their knee over their partner’s hip. “This widely opens up their pelvis to allow for some deep penetration and celebratory exploration.” It also leaves plenty of room for one (or both!) of you to get handsy with your clit.

6.Sex Position-The Locker Room Celebration

Every commercial break, whisper filthy things to each other about what you want to do to each other after the game. When you hit the bedroom, instead of squirting champagne all over each other, grab a tube of lube and squirt it all over each other’s chests.

super bowl sex positions

7.Sex Position-The Winner Takes All

Raise the stakes of the game by wagering on it. Winner gets a long, really good session of oral sex (or whatever the hell they want—stakes set beforehand).

super bowl sex positions

8.Sex Position-The Point Taken

Pick a team, and when they score, you score (er, sorry). Each point for your team means you get to request something, redeemable immediately, from your partner (and vice versa). Could be a neck rub, could be five minutes with a boss-ass vibrator, could be… something else. Rules are rules.

super bowl sex positions9.Sex Position-The Tight End

Take inspiration from players bending over to hike the ball. Bend over yourself and make doggy-style feel even tighter by crossing your ankles and pressing your thighs and knees firmly together. (Or go for the extra point and try anal sex instead.

10.Sex Position-The Tail Gate

super bowl sex positions

If you both really want to watch the game (or have plans to go to a watch party later), have a pre-game session just for two. Prop your butt up on a pillow in missionary-style sex for the kind of deep penetration that hits the top of your vaginal wall and leaves your hands free to rub yourself at the same time.

In the spirit of the game, put your legs straight up against your partner’s shoulders—field goal!

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