Top 10 Ways How To Eat Woman’s Pussy(Vagina) Like A Sex God 2022 USA

 Top 10 Ways How To Eat Woman’s Pussy (Vagina) Like A Sex God 2022 USA


Top 10 Ways How To Eat Woman's Pussy(Vagina) Like A Sex God 2022 USA,Men,Relationship,Oral sex,Cunnilingus,how to eat pussy of girl or woman,pussy eating technique,vagina eating technique



Oral sex (pussy eating or vagina eating)can be one of the most pleasurable and intimate experiences you and your partner can have together, but it’s also one of the trickiest forms of sexual play.

Women’s bodies can seem a lot more complicated than male bodies, so it’s easy for men to feel a little lost and confused when giving their partners cunnilingus.

If you truly desire to become an oral sex god and make her scream your name so loud that everyone in your neighborhood will reverence you then it’s time to master this secret art of giving oral sex to a woman.

Learn exactly step-by-step how to eat woman’s pussy like a sex god and have control over her sexual mind.


One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from my female subscribers is about the lack of great oral sex skills in men.

They keep complaining about their men not knowing how to give good oral sex to a woman. In simple words, most men do not know how to please women with their mouths.


One of my subscribers from Canada says – “I give him blow jobs all the time, but he never returns the favor. I keep waiting for him to get the message.”

One subscriber from U.S. said – “My man gives my pussy a good college try, but he’s terrible at it. I hate encouraging his poor oral sex skills, so I just want it to end so I usually fake an orgasm or tell him I’m ready to fuck.”

Another U.S. subscriber said “He has one move – hard and fast. He doesn’t understand that licking a pussy is an art and my clit has to slowly build to being able to handle that much pressure and speed.”

One woman from Australia said – “Teeth! Why does he use his teeth?!”


I totally understand that for a lot of you, eating pussy can feel intimidating. Especially if you are chasing her orgasm to prove your virility and confidence.

The reality is, the pussy can be a mysterious, fickle creature and, if not handled properly, can lead to enormous frustration for women.


So I request you to spare some time to learn step-by-step how to eat woman’s pussy like a sex god and please her with your mouth.


Understanding Interesting Facts About Female Body (Corner Stone to Learning Cunnilingus Techniques)

Before you can give her oral sex, it’s essential that you have a good understanding of where everything is located.

Vulva The External Female Sex Organ.

Vulva – The collective term for a women’s external sex organs is the vulva, which includes everything from the top of the pubic hairline down to the anus.

Outer Labia The Part Around The Pubic Hair.

Outer Labia – Also called the “labia majora” or “outer lips,” the outer labia are the thick, fleshy upper parts of a woman’s vulva that are covered with pubic hair. The size of a woman’s outer labia can vary. Most women are very sensitive in this area, especially with respect to light, teasing touches.

Inner Labia the Part that Covers The Vaginal Opening And Urethra.

Inner Labia – The inner labia, also called “labia minora” or “inner lips,” covers the vaginal opening and urethra.

By spreading open the outer labia, you can see the inner labia on either side of the vaginal opening.

Like the outer labia, the size of a woman’s inner labia can vary widely in size and appearance.

When a woman is aroused, the sensitive inner labia can swell and become hypersensitive, and it can often become very responsive to touch.


Clitoral Hood At The External Tip Of The Clitoris.


Top 10 Ways How To Eat Woman's Pussy(Vagina) Like A Sex God 2022 USA,Men,Relationship,Oral sex,Cunnilingus,how to eat pussy of girl or woman,pussy eating technique,vagina eating technique



Clitoral Hood – The little flap of skin that covers the external tip of the clitoris is the clitoral hood.

It’s a sensitive bit of skin that responds well to all different kinds of stimulation, mostly because it sends pleasure signals through to the clitoris.

Women who find direct clitoral stimulation too sensitive might prefer stimulation to the clitoral hood instead.

Clitoris Also Known As “Pink Pearl”

Clitoris – Did you know that the clitoris is the only organ in the human body that exists solely to provide sexual pleasure?

You’d better make sure you know where it is!

If you hold apart the outer labia so that it makes an inverted U, the external tip of the clitoris is located at the top, where the inner lips meet.

But that’s just the outside! A woman’s clitoris is actually about four or five inches long and extends into her body in the form of “crura” sensitive erectile tissue extended with nerves.

During oral sex, while licking her clit, you’ll be stimulating the tip of the clitoris, but she’ll feel the effects much deeper inside.


Vagina The Sexual Part That Everyman Crave.

Vagina –  You’d better know where this part is located! The vagina is the opening between the clitoris and anus and, although it isn’t particularly sensitive to very light touches, will usually respond well to pressure and other forms of firm stimulation, including penetration.

Perineum The Area Between The Vaginal Opening And The Anus.

Perineum – The small, sensitive flap of skin between the vaginal and anal openings is known as the perineum. This area is responsive to gentle licking and touching.


G-Spot The Sensitive Part Named After Ernst Grafenberg.

G Spot – The G spot is a rough, sensitive patch of skin located on the anterior internal wall of the vagina, about two inches up.

The easiest way to find the G spot is to cup your hand over your partner’s vulva, palm to the skin, and insert your first two fingers into her vagina, making a “come hither” motion.

The G spot feels rough and textured to the touch and responds well to direct stimulation during sexual play.

When it comes to eating her pussy the right way detailed knowledge of these sexual parts is very significant. If you’re doing it right, good oral sex will involve stimulation to all these different parts.


The Final Preparation Before Giving Her Mind-Blowing Oral Sex.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the female body works, it’s time to put that knowledge to use and learn how to eat woman’s pussy like a sex god.

As you read through this next part, which gives you specific techniques to use for giving her amazing oral and manual sex, keep in mind that these are general tips and guidelines.

You and your partner will figure out what works best for you.

Think of oral sex as a recipe in a cookbook. The first time you try a new recipe, it’s best to stick to the instructions.

However, once you’ve made the dish a few times, you can tweak the recipe to make it something you, specifically, will enjoy.


Hygiene Before Performing Cunnilingus.

You’re almost ready to get started, but there are a few more things you should know before you start playing or kissing her vagina.

At the end of the day, neither of you is at your most hygienic, which could be an issue given the intimate nature of oral sex.

Although you’ll primarily be using your tongue and mouth to perform oral sex, you’ll want to use your hands too, so make sure they’re in the right shape for touching her very sensitive areas.

Even the best oral sex can be ruined if you’ve bigger nails. I’m not saying that you have to go to a nail salon—just make sure your nails are clean and smooth, with no sharp edges before you finger her vagina.

The vulva and surrounding areas are covered with extremely soft, sensitive skin, which can become easily irritated if your face is stubbly.

Give yourself a fresh shave before beginning oral sex, or, if you wear a beard, trim it carefully.

Even though trimming or waxing all or some of the pubic areas is common for many women, it’s not the standard for everyone.

However, if you find that you have difficulty giving her great oral sex because there’s too much hair in the way, talk to her about the problem.

The solution may be as simple as having her trim the area around her outer labia.

Here Are The Important Steps For Setting The Right Atmosphere Before Eating Her Pussy.


Top 10 Ways How To Eat Woman's Pussy(Vagina) Like A Sex God 2022 USA,Men,Relationship,Oral sex,Cunnilingus,how to eat pussy of girl or woman,pussy eating technique,vagina eating technique



Good music can make or break any sexual experience, but especially oral sex:

Can you imagine how unsexy it would be to try to lick her pussy when horrible music is playing?

Make a playlist on your iPod or select a few CDs ahead of time, the music you know your partner likes before you start pleasing her.



Women worry a lot about how they might taste. If she showers first, she’ll be a lot more relaxed.

But you can also appeal to her sense of taste before you begin giving her cunnilingus by bringing a few tasty things into the bedroom, like champagne, strawberries or whipped cream.



Aside from making sure she smells good, you’ll want to appeal to her sense of smell by making sure the environment smells good.

Scented candles or incense are popular ways to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.



Tactile stimulation is so important! She’s going to be spending a lot of time on the bed, so make sure the bed is comfortable and conducive to an amazing oral experience.

Invest in quality sheets and bedding, and make sure they’re clean before your romantic encounter.


Tease Her And Compliment Her

Women usually don’t want to be intimate when they aren’t looking or feeling their best. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love being with her.

Tease her by playing with her hair, neck and lips. Compliment her outfit, shoes, or hair. Be honest and sincere!


#1 Oral Sex Position: Man on Top For Licking Her Out.

The most common way to perform cunnilingus is with the woman lying on her back on the bed while you lie between her legs with your head over her vulva.

The benefits to this position are clear: You’ll have the easiest access to her pleasure spots.

If you’re new to giving her oral sex, try this position first. If you have physical trouble sustaining it long enough to bring her to orgasm, try one of the other positions.


#2 Oral Sex Position: Woman On Top For Eating Pussy.

In this position, you lie on the bed, while your partner straddles your face at the top of the bed.

She might like this position best as it will give her more control over her pleasure:

She can move around and steer you toward areas she’d like to be stimulated.

You’ll be in the most comfortable position in bed, so you may be able to spend more time pleasuring her.

You can also move her around more, holding her buttocks from behind to guide her to your mouth and tongue.

Note: Not all women like this position best.

She may find that she feels too exposed or uncomfortable with her body to really enjoy herself.

If that’s the case, try one of the other positions


#3 Oral Sex Position: Eating Pussy From Behind.

Another common way to perform oral sex is from behind her.

Have her kneel on the bed on all fours, as she would if you were having intercourse from behind (“doggy style”).

Kneel, lie or sit behind her—whatever is most comfortable for you—while you give her oral sex.

She can either remain on all fours or lie over pillows to keep her body raised in the back, giving you access to her body.

You’ll basically be doing everything backward, so you may want to master one of the other positions first.

However, once you know what pleases her, you may find that she prefers this position most.


#4 Oral Sex Position: 69 – Licking Each Other Out.

Giving each other oral sex at the same time can be extremely pleasurable for both of you. However, it can also be very distracting!

If she’s making you feel so good that you can’t concentrate on her pleasure, then you won’t be able to give her good oral sex.

Once you get better at performing cunnilingus, try the 69 positions.

Until then, stick with a position that allows you to focus on what you’re doing.

Tease Her Sexually With These Sex Moves.

You’ve set a romantic atmosphere and found a position that works for you, so now it’s time to start pleasing her with your mouth.

Before you “go for the gold” and start using your tongue and mouth to stimulate her vulva, tease her a little using these sex moves.


Give Her Neck And Shoulder Massage.

Massage will not only release any lingering tension she might be experiencing but also give you the opportunity to begin touching her in a sensual manner.

Erotic massage is a great way to begin the experience.


Kiss Her.

Of course, you’ll want to kiss her lips, but for good oral, you’ll want to go a bit further.

Before you get your mouth anywhere near her vulva, vagina or clitoris, use your tongue and lips to kiss her skin, traveling the same route as your fingers and hands did when you were stroking her body.

This kind of foreplay will not only get her into the mood but will also make a nice transition between touching and oral. Try a few of these ideas:


Kiss a path from her neck to her breasts.

Gently nibble and lick a path along her inner arms, starting at the wrist and ending at the crease of her elbow.

Kiss and tongue the erogenous zones on her skin, like the area around her navel, her back and her nipples.

Kiss and lick in a lineup from the back of her knees and up the inner edges of her thighs. Spend a lot of time kissing and licking the tops of her inner thighs, just below her pubic mound. This will drive her crazy!

Kiss the area around her pubic mound, and then go back and use your tongue on the same area.

As you continue kissing, licking, and nibbling, escalate the action, starting out slowly and picking up the pace until she’s ready for more. Once you’ve thoroughly aroused her, you can move on to give her amazing oral sex.


Step-by-Step Simple Checklist on How to Eat Pussy.

Once you’ve spent time seducing her mind and body, you can move on to the main event: mind-blowing oral sex.

Although there’s no right or wrong way to orally pleasure, beginners should follow this basic plan before improvising.


 #1 Step – Spread her legs.

You might already have been kissing her inner thighs, so her legs might already be spread, but make sure you have enough room when you start orally manipulating her.

She should be comfortable, so don’t spread her legs too wide.


#2 Step – Kiss the area around her vulva.

Use your tongue and lips to stimulate the area around her vulva, including the area just above her pubic hair and the very tops of her inner thighs.

Move around the vulva to place kisses and licks around her entire pubic area. At the same time, use your fingers to stroke areas of her skin that your lips aren’t touching, like her abdomen, buttocks, and lower back, if you can reach it.


#3 Step– Open her lips.

Use both hands to gently spread her outer labia, which will give you access to her vagina, clitoris, and clitoral hood.

Start by slowly kissing and nuzzling the sensitive areas you reveal until she’s begging for more.


#4 Step – Play with the labia.

Trace her inner labia with the tip of your tongue, first up one side, and then the other. Interchange kissing and nibbling with tonguing.


#5 Step– Play with the area around the vagina.

Lap the area from her vaginal opening to her clitoral hood.

Start lightly, and then increase the pressure, using only the tip of your tongue at first, and then using your whole tongue as she becomes more excited.

Advanced Techniques To Become the Best Pussy Eater (Vagina Eater)She Has Ever Had.

The most important thing to remember when performing oral sex on her is that women generally respond best to variety.

Just as with any other sensitive body part, the same kind of stimulation repeated over and over again can quickly desensitize the area, and she won’t feel the same degree of pleasure.


Advanced Oral Sex Technique #1– Kissing.

This move is as easy as it sounds: use your lips and tongue to kiss her vulva as you’d kiss her mouth.

Start with gentle kisses, moving around her vulva, inner thighs, and perineum, and then graduate to more passionate kissing, focusing on one area at a time.


Advanced Oral Sex Technique #2– Circle.

Use the tip of your tongue to form circles around her clitoris, changing directions frequently to keep things interesting for her.

You can also use your lips or face in a circular motion on different parts of her vulva, especially over the clitoral hood, perineum, and vaginal opening.


Advanced Oral Sex Technique #3 – The Alphabet.

This is a fun one! Using your tongue, spell out the alphabet on and around her clitoral hood.

You can simply go through the ABC’s, but you can also spell out words, like “I love you” or “you make me so happy.”

She won’t know what you’re spelling, but she’ll love the variation as you lick different letters.


Advanced Oral Sex Technique #4 – Mix it up.

If you keep using the same tongue move for too long, she’ll become desensitized to the sensation and won’t feel as much pleasure.

While you’re licking her clitoris and clitoral hood, switch your styles around so she won’t know what’s coming next.


Advanced Oral Sex Technique #5 – Penetrate her with your tongue.

Use the same sort of moves you’d use when having intercourse: in and out, around in a circle, different depths and speeds.

This particular move probably won’t bring her to orgasms, but it feels wonderful and makes for a nice interlude between types of clitoral stimulation.


Advanced Oral Sex Technique #6 – Suck her clitoris.

Be very careful with this move as some women will find it too intense.

Gently expose the clitoris by holding back the clitoral hood.

Then suck on her clitoris very gently.

You can also try nibbling it a little, but pay close attention to her body movements and responses; not every woman enjoys the feeling of teeth, no matter how lightly you use them.

Your partner may also find direct clitoral stimulation to be too intense for them. In this case, focus your licking on her clitoral hood.


Advanced Oral Sex Technique #7 – Use your fingers

While your tongue is busy, don’t let your hands sit idle!

You may choose to use your fingers to keep her outer labia open, but it’s a great idea to continue to stroke her while you’re giving her oral sex.

You can also penetrate her with one or more fingers while you lick her clitoris.


Advanced Oral Sex Technique #8 – Vary your speed for maximum pleasure.

As you continue to lick, nibble and nuzzle her, escalate the action. Start slowly, and then move faster.

Start gently, and then increase the pressure of your tongue. 

Keep her at the phase for as long as possible before guiding her to orgasm, and her climax will be even more powerful.


Advanced Oral Sex Technique #9 – Take Her to Climax – Give Her an Oral Sex Orgasm.

As you feel her body moving toward orgasm, continue to escalate your movements until her body is taut and her muscles are tensed with pleasure.

When you feel her start to get close to climaxing, focus your attention on the kind of stimulation she enjoys best until she has an orgasm.

Advanced Oral Sex Technique #10 – Variety of stimulation 

Most women enjoy a variety of stimulation during oral sex but find that when they’re getting ready to climax, they need the same type of stimulation to achieve orgasm.

In other words, if what you’re doing has brought her close to the edge, keep doing what you’re doing until she orgasms.


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In this section, we covered the beginner as well as the advanced techniques of oral sex from start to end.


If you follow my instructions carefully, you’ll provide your partner with an amazing pussy eating(oral sex) experience.


FAQ About Oral Sex and How to Eat Woman’s Or Girl’s Pussy.

Best techniques for giving oral sex to woman?

The best way to perform oral sex will vary from woman to woman.

As a couple you need to explore all possibilities like oral sex through the tongue, fingering, licking or using sex toys and see how it goes.


Can a woman get infected during Oral and Anal play?

Yes, she can that is why it is important to keep your fingers and nails clean before inserting them into her vagina or anus.

Also, if you are using toys make sure it is clean and you’ve all the knowledge so that you do not hurt her.


Best techniques for giving oral sex to women?

The best way to perform oral sex will vary from woman to woman.

As a couple you need to explore all possibilities like oral sex through the tongue, fingering, licking, or using sex toys and see how it goes.




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