Top 15 Ways How To Give Any Woman Mindblowing Body Shaking Orgasm 2022 USA

 Top 15 Ways How To Give Any Woman Mindblowing Body Shaking Orgasm

Top 15 Ways How To Give Any Woman Mindblowing Body Shaking Orgasm,Men,Relationship,mindblowing body shaking orgasm,how to make her feel horny,making women orgasm

You just have to follow the pieces of advice that I have for you here to master how to love a woman like a pro.

So what women really want and need in bed, and what buttons to push, when, in order for her to end up basking in the afterglow of the most orgasmic feel it ever crossed her body.

It’s not difficult.

There are only three main things that are of utmost importance and that you should never neglect: good foreplay, indulging in good-quality clitoris stroking, and mastering the G spot techniques that will most surely set her on fire. Read carefully and start applying tonight!

1) Foreplay for dummies Newsflash: foreplay is about quality, not quantity.

Here’s how to get the balance right if you want to please her sexually and want her to have full body orgasm during intercourse.

2) Be into it. The female body isn’t a car engine, and I’m sure your girlfriend didn’t employ you as a mechanic to do a “job”.

Being turned on for a woman is as much psychological as it is physical, which is why one of her biggest turn-ons is you being turned on.

For a woman, there’s no such thing as a man being too passionate in the sack, so let loose.

Also, know that foreplay doesn’t necessarily refer to the minutes before the actual intercourse; it is the combined effect of your behavior long before any sex takes place.

So make sure you are showing her your feeling of passion every time, not just when you want to get lucky and… score some.

Maybe what gets her off is having her toes sucked, or her neck bitten, or her bottom spanked, but the only way to find out is to have lots of practice.

It’s actually more exciting if you are doing it without the pressure of moving on to penetrative sex; this way you are keeping her guessing, which does wonderful things for her sexual arousal

3) Target her other erogenous zones to make her squirt and orgasm.

Top 15 Ways How To Give Any Woman Mindblowing Body Shaking Orgasm,Men,Relationship,mindblowing body shaking orgasm,how to make her feel horny,making women orgasm

Touch her all over, play with her erogenous zones feeling, and explore every bit to give her total body orgasm. 

Nibble a little on everything, from head to toe.

Some of the hottest spots are the neck, ear lobes, tummy, and inner thighs. Or try massage oils and toys.

4) Watch her.

If she’s moaning, convulsing or sighing, then whatever you’re doing is working.

Every girl’s different, so there are no rules- just take your lust for her and your slightly dirty imagination, and start experimenting.

5) Acknowledge the importance of the clitoris.

The female body isn’t so simple.

Sure, it feels good for her when your penis glides back and forth inside her vagina, yet these motions alone probably won’t escalate her ecstasy level to the point where she will climax. 

That’s because there’s little or no stimulation of the clitoris, the tiny bliss button about a centimeter north of the vagina that is the real key to achieving a full body orgasm. 

“The vast majority of nerves that give a woman sexual pleasure are located in the clitoris, not in the vagina, so penetration alone likely won’t trigger an orgasm”.

Another factor that trips up a chick’s climax potential is that the clitoris is so incredibly sensitive, it’s difficult for her to reach Kingdom Come unless you’re hitting the right balance of pressure and speed.

The clitoris and the penis have about the same amount of nerves, but the clitoris packs them into a much smaller space, so it’s more responsive to the slightest touch.

The fact that the clitoris is not inside the vagina might seem, at first sight, like Mother Nature’s little joke, but imagine if you’d thrust against it during sex, given how sensitive it is.

6) The G spot road map.

Because I know you hate asking for directions, here’s the info you need to surprise her tonight.

The elusive G spot has been described as the Loch Ness monster of the sexual world because it can be so hard to find.

But it equals guaranteed pleasure.

Just so you know what to look for, it’s a small kidney-shaped piece of flesh that feels like wrinkled skin and is located approximately 5-8 cm inside the vagina, directly behind the pubic bone.

So, how do I find it?

The G spot can only be felt during arousal, so sped time stroking her fires before going exploring.

Get her to lie on her back, knees bent, with her feet flat on the bed and a pillow under her butt.

Slide your index finger inside her, making sure the pad of your finger is touching the top wall (where her belly button is).

The area around the G spot should feel smooth and taut, but the spot itself will feel fleshy, puffy or wrinkled.

But what do I do with it? The G spot responds to firm pressure, but be aware that it can prompt many women to feel a brief need to urinate.

Use your index finger to put pressure on the spot by gently tapping it or making the motion.

When massaging her G spot, it should start to swell and firm up.

Don’t get freaked out if she ejaculates a small amount of fluid when she comes- this is completely normal.

7) Lend her your orgasm strategies.

You guys tend to ask on your instincts more, especially when it comes to sex.

You do what feels good without overthinking it.

If your girlfriend adopted your mentality she would definitely climax easier and more frequently than before.

In the name of sexual equality, I think it’s only appropriate that you lend her some of your bedroom mentality.

Here’s what you should teach her.

8) That she should always feel doable.

You could spend the entire day eating junk food and still want sex when you get home. 

But if a woman eats too much- or feel bloated or have a “fat” or “ugly” day- she often shuts down her sex drive.

The reason? “Women have this notion that they don’t deserve sex unless they look and feel absolutely perfect, but that’s total crap”.

When you pick up on her feelings and realize she doesn’t want it, you are less inclined to ask for it, which only reinforces her thinking that she’s not sexually attractive.

The result is a lot less sex for everyone involved.

What you should do: tell her that you want her anytime, anyhow, and that you don’t care about the small stuff, like if her skin is soft enough or she’s a bit bloated from eating dinner.

If she realizes that there’s no point worrying about the small stuff, she’ll be able to truly let go and enjoy climaxing sex with you.

9) That little things are big turn-ons and add up to her journey of experiencing total body orgasm.

It doesn’t take much to get you excited.

If you spot a millimeter of skin between her top and jeans, you start thinking about what she looks like naked… and presto, you are in the mood.

Statistics show that most men think about sex throughout the day, so it’s only natural that you associate things with sex. 

By the time your girlfriend gets home, the sexual tension has been building up for so long that you are raring to go.

But she works differently. Women think about sex when it’s time for sex, but they often don’t allow seemingly non-sexual things to trigger thoughts of that kind of pleasure.

What you should do: teach her to think in a sexual way.

Tell her to open herself up to the possibility of arousal at any time.

Start by exercising this together: take a copy of a sexy magazine and dare her to tell you how the naked pictures are making her feel.

She’ll soon pick up the speed and arousal will happen just as naturally for her as it does for you.

And this will make the experience of sex much better than ever before.

10) That her crotch is gorgeous.

From the time you were a little boy, you worshiped your package- you played with it, took extra care to protect it, and sometimes referred to it as if it were a person.

“The love affair men have with their genitalia actually helps them have better sex because they know every inch of it and what touches and moves bring maximum pleasure”.

Women on the other hand typically don’t have the same kind of self-love.

Most women focus only on the clitoris and ignore other parts of their genitalia. 

What you should do: show her that there are many other spots that can be arousing and that it will enhance her sex life if she becomes familiar with them.

Have her engage in a masturbation experience while you are watching, and tell her what spots to touch, thus making sure she doesn’t miss any.

11) That practice makes perfect.

Top 15 Ways How To Give Any Woman Mindblowing Body Shaking Orgasm,Men,Relationship,mindblowing body shaking orgasm,how to make her feel horny,making women orgasm

You make sure you have as much sex as possible- solo or with your girlfriend.

And there’s a biological reason why. You have more testosterone, which is one of the factors that make you want sex more.

What you should do: tell her that climaxing frequently can boost her sex drive, making it more akin to yours.

That means that even if she’s not with you, she should be regularly bringing herself to climax.

Masturbating is a great way for her to experiment and see what works for her, and she shouldn’t deny herself the pleasure.

12) That it’s all about focus.

Outside the bedroom, women have a huge advantage over men because they are so much better at multitasking.

But in bed, it can be seriously detrimental.

Because they tend to think of many different things during sex, they often get thrown off track when it comes to enjoying the act and reaching an orgasm.

You, on the other hand, focus solely on what you are doing: how it feels when you thrust into her or the way her breasts feel against your chest.

What you should do: advise her to practice paying attention to exactly what she is seeing and feeling, since it will be much easier for her to stay in the moment and enjoy herself.

When you caress her, tell her to really think about how her body is reacting.

Is she getting goose pumps?

Does she feel herself warm up under your hands?

If she stops worrying about how she looks or the way she performs, she will be able to feel highly erotic, which is the first step to achieving a much-desired orgasm.

13) Mattress tricks for orgasm hits

The secrets to prolonging her pleasure.

So you’ve learned the basics, but is it enough? Of course not, not on my watch at least!

We’ve prepared a generous orgasm learning man manual, filled with tricks that you wouldn’t even believe work so well… now here’s some more juicy stuff.

14) Revisit the classics.

There’s a reason why the missionary position remains the most popular way for many couples to have sex. 

It’s the mashed potatoes of making love: you know exactly what it will taste like and you know it will make you happy.

Also, it’s among the best sex positions that guarantee the presence of the much-eluded orgasm.

Of course, as long as you are doing it right.

“Have her pull her knees up to her chest, then spread them just wide enough for you to get between them.

With her calves on either sides of your back, she should support your weight on the back of her thighs.

If she wants to move, she can rock back and forth with you.”

The fact that the clitoris is the main character in this scenario makes a world of difference as far as her mindblowing body shaking orgasm is concerned.

The keens are the pivotal point of action here.

While you are lying on your back, have her straddle you, facing forwards.

She should rest her hands on your thighs while you hold her knees and lift them a couple of centimeters off the bed.

Keep the penetration shallow and rock back and forth- the whole point is your penis will come out and gently touch her clitoris each time you thrust.

The best technique to go at it: grasp the outer lips of her vulva with your thumb and index finger of one hand, while running the middle finger of your other hand over and around the entrance to her vagina, feeling the wetness coming alive.

For more intense sensations, get your mouth involved also.

The contrast between your dry fingers and your hot and moist tongue will leave her clueless about where all that pleasure is coming from.

15) Teach her the solo player technique.

Top 15 Ways How To Give Any Woman Mindblowing Body Shaking Orgasm,Men,Relationship,mindblowing body shaking orgasm,how to make her feel horny,making women orgasm

Often in a stable relationship, the frequency of masturbation sessions drops off in the case of women.

This is all well and good, but when there’s a lack of orgasm, which breeds negativity and frustration, many women associate it with the sex act itself, which may be completely wrong.

That’s why it’s crucial that she is able to make herself come satisfactorily so that she is sure that the problem does not come from her side.

However, the way she self-pleasures is also important.

“Most people fail to take the best possible pleasure from masturbation because they do it to relieve themselves, rather than for pleasure”.

In order for her masturbating routine to be pleasurable, preparations are important.

Some women prefer to take advantage of the heat of the moment, while others would rather take their time, maybe take a bath first, or perhaps read an erotic novel to get some saucy ideas.

However, the most crucial thing is not to rush things up.

Before getting down to business, she should make sure she is pleasantly warm and stimulated.

This is where you come in, to give her a hand. Experiment with what feels good for her, tease her nipples, run your hands over the whole pubic region, then leave her to finish the job.

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