Top 3 Psychological Trick To Get Your Ex Back (This works)

Top3 Psychological Trick To Get Your Ex Back (This works)

Psychological Trick To Get Your Ex Back (This works)

This will make your ex go crazy for you.

Your ex will chase you around once you follow this advice

Make your ex beg you for attention(This works amazingly well)

I am going to show you a rock solid technique you can use right away and get instant results…This technique is so effective that your ex will start missing you and will desperately desire you again right away!

Ready to get started?

Okay so let’s get started…

Do you know that humans normally have a tendency to take things for granted?

We don’t really value the air we breathe but we only understand how

important it is when we run out of it. So you see similarly your ex

doesn’t really value you at the moment because by chasing them

around you have already shown them that you need them.

But you see the pain of loss is far greater than the pleasure of

gain…Humans would do anything to save what they already have

instead of gaining something new. I don’t why it is this way but this

is the way human psychology functions.

Therefore, what you are going to do now is create a sense of loss in

your ex’s mind where he/she would feel constant emptiness & a

sense of anxiety…Pretty much like what you are going through right now.

Okay here is what I want you to do…I want you to get in touch with

your ex via SMS or E-MAIL…Why SMS or E-MAIL? Well for the

simple reason that your ex will always attend to your SMS or

E-MAIL even when they have been trying to avoid you.

This is the message you must write in the text-

“Want to tell you that you were right about the breakup…I guess we do need space. Amazingly something wonderful happened recently…I guess when things happen they happen for a reason…You know what?”

Now, this might sound incomplete with the final “You know what?” line.

But that is the big trick here…Leaving it incomplete will raise your

ex’s level of curiosity and he/she will get highly eager to know the

rest of the message. Don’t be too surprised if your ex calls you right away…

But this is where you need to be very careful…You should not return

or attend their call right away…

Now let me tell you why this would work…By sending this message, you are doing everything that would persuade them to desire you once again. 

You are indirectly telling them-

“You don’t need them anymore” – This would seriously bother them as you have just told them that they don’t have you anymore.

Which would create a massive feeling of loss within them…This will make them want you more than ever before.

“You are telling them that you have already moved on” – They

would think how could you be over it so fast all of a sudden?

“You are telling them that the breakup didn’t bother you that

much” – The fact that it didn’t bother you that much will bother

them…They would find it hard to swallow the fact that you got

over them so fast.

“By telling them that something wonderful recently happened

in your life, they would fear that maybe you already found someone else” – This will trigger their fear of loss to unbearable levels….And at the same time the fear that you have found someone else will emotionally push them to know more and more.

The Next Very Important Step…Read Carefully.

Now you will see magic unfold right in front of your eyes…I want

you to listen very closely here…The guy/girl who was trying to

avoid you all this time will literally be begging to have your

attention after this point on…

After you have sent the above-mentioned message…Your

ex will probably call you or send you a message to know the rest

In this case, tell them that you have something important to

say and would like to get on the phone…To which your ex

cannot really refuse since he/she is already jumping up and

down with curiosity to know the rest of the message.

Once you are on the phone with them…Make small conversation

and then tell them that you have something really important you

would like them to know…And then hesitate!

“Say…Ummm! Well! I don’t know how to say this…But…I guess I shouldn’t tell you…But…And then go quite”

At this, your ex would probably force you…But hesitate a

bit more & then say…Sorry…I don’t think I should tell

you…I gotta go! And then hang up! That’s it…no more and no less!

Don’t drag it…Keep it short and hang up.

Now, do you know what you have done? Well…surprise surprise!

Before your ex was just curious but now he/she would be

burning with a compelling desire to know what you really wanted to tell them.

They would find it hard to relax and get over the fact that you

had something to say but never said it…And why would this

work? Well humans have a tendency to desire what they can’t

have…And that desire turns into a burning obsession with time.

There is another great saying which goes…”Keep them hungry

and they will keep coming back”.

Therefore now you have made your ex extremely hungry and

he/she will keep coming back for more until you satisfy their hunger.

I am sure you are really excited by now…

But wait…Let me strongly warn you here.

This trick will work surprisingly well for you…BUT...

Doing this does not mean things will be smooth from this point on.

You have to strictly follow the advice on the next page to know what to do next…

You won’t get your ex back unless you do this first

Your ex will hate you unless you do this

Your ex won’t come back without this technique

What I am about to share with you is so important that without it, it

will be utterly impossible to get your ex back. In fact, understanding

this very thing is so important that if you don’t, your ex will get even

more distant with time will forget you completely and you will feel

that they’re gone forever.

If you want to get your ex back, then there are 2 really important

things you absolutely need to do…

Step 1You have to appeal to the emotional side of your ex’s mind…

Every human has two minds – The conscious mind which follows

logic & then the unconscious mind which follows emotion. Our

conscious mind is within our active control, while the unconscious

mind is not within our active control.

The conscious mind deals with our thoughts, while the unconscious

mind is responsible for generating feelings and emotions. That’s

why it’s also called the emotional mind.

Whenever there is a battle between the conscious and the unconscious mind, the unconscious mind wins hands down. In other words, Emotion outweighs logic every single time.

Once you appeal to the emotional part of your ex’s mind, you will be able to make him or her literally dance to your tunes (Since the emotional mind isn’t within a human beings control).

You will be able to trigger feelings of love & affection within their mind, and your ex will have absolutely no idea how you’re doing it.

They will just feel this strong inner urge to be with you again.

On the other side of the spectrum – Have you ever wondered why people fall out of love & start disliking the very person they loved dearly? It doesn’t happen because a person logically decided to stop loving their partner.

It happened because on a deeper emotional level, that very person is

getting these nasty feelings, which are forcing them to distance

themselves from their partner.

The unconscious mind is like fertile soil. Whatever you sow you will

eventually reap. In order to get your ex back, you have to erase the

negative image of yourself from your ex’s mind and replace that with

a new positive image of yourself.

Once you do that, your ex will feel these strong inner urges to be with you again, they will start liking you the way they liked you at the early stages of your relationship. They will find it hard to keep you out of their mind and will want you back at any possible cost.

Step 2 – You have to alter the feelings they attach to your mental image.

There are 3 really important emotions your ex absolutely needs to feel to want you back again. These are…




But right now, they might be feeling hate, reluctance or even anger towards you. In order to get them back, you have to transform the emotion of hate into desire, reluctance into attraction and anger into love.

Whenever we mentally picture a person, our unconscious mind gives us feelings associated with that person, which makes us either like or dislike that person.

In order to have your ex back, you need to make them associate feelings of desire, attraction and love to the image they see of you, in their mind.

Your ex should feel an intense sense of desire, attraction and love whenever they picture you in their mind.

And it is completely within your power. 

You can do it by speaking a very specific language, which directly triggers a specific part in your ex’s mind that is responsible for generating emotions. 

So what I am saying is that by changing a few words, you can make your ex go from feeling almost no attraction for you to feeling an intense need to be with you again.

This is so powerful that your ex won’t be able to help themselves.

They will subconsciously start feeling these intense feelings for you, and will be unconsciously compelled to want you again.

Step 3 –If you aren’t using this secret, then you are doing yourself a huge disservice, and are actually making a massive mistake. 

Not knowing this will lead you into relationship issues and problems, and you will always find yourself confused and frustrated.

Now you’re probably wondering! Okay! I understand that I need to

appeal to the emotional part of my ex’s mind, and alter the feelings

they attach to my mental image. 

But I don’t know exactly what to say or do to make it happen.

 So how do I do it?

I’d like to show you exactly what to do, in order to make your ex desire you like a fat kid desires a cheesecake. Knowing it will grant you the power to inspire tremendous amounts of love and attraction in your ex’s mind, every single time. 

You will connect with him or her on a level, you’ve never imagined before.

By pushing a few emotional hot buttons already located in your ex’s mind, you can influence him or her to your way of thinking, and make them feel a very strong inner urge to be with you again?

Follow this link to discover it right now…

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Make sure you watch the video right now as I don’t know how long it’s going to be online.

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(This FREE presentation will show you exactly what to do, in order to make your ex desire you like a fat kid desires a cheesecake. Knowing it will grant you the power to inspire tremendous amounts of love and attraction in your ex’s mind, every single time. You will connect with him or her on a level, you’ve never imagined before.)

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